Hi, I'm Nazari Tuyo

A freshman at Brandeis University studying Computer Science.

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I've loved technology since I was young, and over the years, through many different classes and programs I've come to realize that working with technology is something that I want to spend the rest of my career doing. I have a large variation of interests, Computer Science being one that I mainly donate my time to.

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Amazon Alexa Shipping Assistant Skill

Amazon Audible Internship, 2018

Baseball Data Analysis Project

RedHat, BU Grow Program, 2019

Rolling Cube Video Game

Game Design and Development

Maze Video Game

Game Design and Development

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November 2019 - August 2020

Amazon Audible Co-op Internship

During my time at Audible, I further developed and deployed an internal Amazon Audible website for Alexa testing with Python using S3, Boto3 and internal Amazon databases. With one team, I deployed an internal troubleshooting website for Audible Audiobook (Whispersync) data with Java using Amazon Athena clients and internal repositories. In August 2020 in conjunction with my work, I advised several highschool CS interns through building their own Alexa Skills as part of the 2020 Audible Summer High School Internship.

More information on Whispersync
June 2019 - August 2019

Boston University GROW Program

During this program, I had the opportunity to work closely with developers on a umpire analysis application. At the time, the application had not been released yet, so I wasn't able to go into full detail about the specifics of what I worked on.

View my Abstract See the application I helped build About GROW
August 2018

Amazon Audible Summer Internship

Ten highschool students were selected to spend three weeks at Amazon Audible's Kendall Square office. Students spent their time building individual Amazon Alexa skills, participating in industry workshops, and also presented their work at the end of the program

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June 2016 - August 2016

Boston University Artemis Program

Aa five-week summer program for rising 9th grade girls focused on computer science. Participants learn computer languages such as Scratch, AppInventor, HTML, CSS, and Python. They also are introduced to robotics, cryptography, artificial intelligence, and circuits. In addition, they learn how computer science is applied in the real world by hearing from guest speakers and going on field trips.

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September 2017 - Present

Cambridge Rindge and Latin RSTA Computer Science Program

A vigorus and intensive three year program dedicated to teaching students both the foundations of computer science and several programming languages surrounding it. Students in this program take AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, and both Web and Game Design. Students who successfully complete this program will have an opportunity to do a year long internship at nearby tech companies during their senior year.

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Spring 2019

Game Design and Development

View my Video Game Repository Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Fall 2018

Web Design and Development

View my Website Repository Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Spring 2018

AP Computer Science A

View My AP Computer Science Work Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Fall 2017

AP Computer Science Principles

View My AP Computer Science Principles Work Cambridge Rindge and Latin School








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